Thursday, November 16, 2006

Good Luck Charm

Although you don't seem to hear about them much anymore, there was a time when everyone had a good luck charm. The quintessential rabbit's foot was among the most popular good luck charms but has been forgotten in the age of political correctness and animal rights. Many people still think of a four leaf clover as being a great good luck charm but I've had a difficult time getting my hands on one.

For many people a good luck charm is quite personal and difficult to explain to others. I have good friends who consider a particular piece of clothing to be their good luck charm. For others, it is a baseball cap, particular pen or pair of shoes. I don't really have a good luck charm but if I did I think it would be my car. Fresh out of college I bought myself a brand new Honda Civic and I absolutely love it. Obviously I take it everywhere I go and we have seen several corners of this country together. She has always gotten me back home safely so she is some type of good luck charm for me.

When I spoke to my friends about the topic of good luck charms I was touched to hear from one of the girls that she considers her baby boy to be her good luck charm. Like many first-time parents her life was completely changed by the birth of her child. She considers him to be the best good luck charm anyone could ever have. He has helped her reassess her life and the way she views the world in general. She seems to have a sense of peace about her that she never did before and attributes it to that precious child.

I'm sure that some people believe that having faith in something like a good luck charm is superstitious. I think that anything that gives you confidence and makes you feel safe and self-assured has to be a good thing. The only danger in believing in charms is the possibility that you could lose them. If you believe that a certain something protects you, keeps you safe, or helps situations end the way you want them to, if you were to lose that item you may not be able to muster up the confidence on your own. All and all, I suppose it is important to think of yourself as your best to good luck charm and not place your faith in something that could be lost.