Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hand Hooked Rug

Many people love the idea of creating something by hand. However, most of us don’t have the time or patience to learn a complicated new craft. A hand hooked rug project is ideal for anyone who wants to get creative without investing too much time and money on the venture.
The hand hooked rug is an American tradition that used to have great favor but gradually faded from the scene. Recently there has been a surge of interest on this traditional art form. The gaining popularity of the hand hooked rug might be due to a few factors that we will briefly explore here.
The cost of creating a hand hooked rug is minimal. The supplies are relatively inexpensive and the project requires very few tools. You can start on your rug craft with little investment and this is very appealing to a novice.
Many of us hate starting a project that requires great expense because there is a chance that the craft isn’t right for us. The hand hooked rug project requires a minimal investment so you really have nothing to lose. This may be part of the new interest in this kind of craft.
Time is always a factor. We live very busy lives in this day and age. Taking time to learn a traditional craft like rug hooking requires a few hours. Within one session you are well on your way to making a hand hooked rug. This is appealing because many of us have little time to invest in our art projects.
The hand hooked rug craft is cost efficient and it is time-saving as well. These two elements are major factors in the emergence of this great art form. However, some individuals look to the hand hooked rug in a different way.
Instead of approaching the craft as an activity, many people look at the hand hooked rug as collectable art. The original rugs were typically made out of cloth scraps often from worn out clothes. The fabric was “hooked” through burlap sacks used to carry foods like potatoes.
The rugs created by our ancestors are gaining a lot of attention at auctions and antique stores. The antique hand hooked rug is very collectable right now. The value of an older piece is great and you can expect to pay quite a bit of money on a quality antique rug.
The hand hooked rug has seen some changes over the years. The older versions are valuable reminders of our past. The new crafts are emerging on the scene as a modern crafter’s delight.