Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ice Cream Machine

When I was a kid, my dad had an ice cream machine. I thought it was the neatest thing in the world – in retrospect I still do. His ice cream making machine was one of the old style. It was basically a bucket that you would fill With ice, surrounding a smaller inner bucket. Although there are more efficient ways to manufacture ice cream nowadays, the mechanism of these old ice cream machines is pretty ingenious. Basically, you would put salt on the layer of ice. That would cause the cold from the ice bucket to cool the inner layer which held the ice cream. As you stirred the ice cream, you could mix it up as it was freezing. In 20 minutes or so, you would have a new batch of completely frozen ice cream.
As I was growing up, ice cream making became a passion of mine. My dad would always let us use the ice cream machine during the summer – although he would limit how much we could eat. We got to play with his ice cream making recipes, and soon we were some of the best ice cream makers in the neighborhood. All of my friends would come over to have sweet, frozen treats from the ice cream machine. No one was surprised when I grew up and had an ice machine of my own.
Of course, Making small batches with a hand crank ice cream machine, and becoming a professional ice cream manufacturer are two very different things. During my first year or two, I almost went broke about three times. Basically, I could sell enough ice cream to pay the bills, and that was it. My ice cream machine days seemed to be nearing an end before I found a good distributor. Finding someone to market your wares is always the key. No matter what came out of the ice cream machine, whether it was good or bad, no one would get to taste it without someone peddling it at all the local grocery stores.
A lot of people worry about commercial ice cream machine recipes. They are hesitant to even try until they are sure that they can get the perfect ice cream the first time. To me, this ruins the fun. As long as you know a little bit about what you're doing, your ice cream will taste good. Through tinkering, you can make it perfect. The goal is to have fun with ice cream machines!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

50th Wedding Anniversary

I was first invited to a 50th wedding anniversary when I was 15 years old. I was more than a little intimidated. You see, I was awkward. I was just at that age when I was starting to hit adulthood, yet I was definitely not an adult yet. It was my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party, and I knew it would be a frightening affair. They are not the type of grandparents that give you nice presents, cookies, and kisses on the cheek. They are the type of grandparents that everyone is scared of.
Everything about the 50th wedding anniversary scared me. The wedding anniversary toasts scared me, meeting old relatives who I had not seen in years but who I was still expected to remember scared me, and simply seeing my grandparents scared me. Most of all, finding the right 50th wedding anniversary gift idea scared me. Most grandparents are nice about presents that they get from their grandchildren. They will just love anything that you make for them. My grandparents are not like that at all. I knew that if I didn't get them the right 50th wedding anniversary gifts, they would let me have it right there. Not only would it be embarrassing, but my parents would probably let me have it later on. I resolved to find the perfect anniversary present.
The one thing that is good about my grandparents is that they are very open about what they want. They made no secret of what they wanted us to buy for them. I got my grandfather a beautiful pen set, and my grandmother a gorgeous pair of earrings. My parents actually offered to help me out with them. The items that they wanted, after all, were quite expensive. It turns out that I had nothing to worry about. Everything went off pretty well. All the guests at the 50th wedding anniversary were in good spirits, and my grandparents were unusually friendly. In some ways, the 50th wedding anniversary was a night to remember. It was the first time I ever felt comfortable in front of a large group of people.
If you are looking for ideas for 50th wedding anniversaries, it is best not to stress about it too much. You can spend days looking for the perfect present and still not find it. The most important thing is to do your best in selecting a 50th wedding anniversary gift, and then not worry about it anymore. After all, there is no point in worrying.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How To Shuffle Poker Chips

How to shuffle poker chips a small video from utube video clip.com that i found on how to shuffle poker chips very cool and easy for you guys that have always wanted to know .

Click here for the video on how to shuffle poker chips

Monday, March 26, 2007

Jennifer Paige

Many other stations were interested for playing Crush, so Paige's popularity grew immediately. Many labels tried to sign her but Hollywood Productions was the lucky one. At the same time Crush became Gold (500000 sales). Besides it hit no2 in R&R Top 10, no1 in Australia, Norway, Spain, Denmark etc. Jennifer Paige was a successful singer after only her debut. 2 more tracks became singles with noticeable success (Sober and Always You). The debut album, "Jennifer Paige" was promoted with a two years international tour. Paige sang in front of the Pope and also in front of the Prince of Monaco. In 2000 she wrote a nice song for the movie "Autumn in New York".

3 years after Jen's debut a second album hit the stores. The second album "Positively Somewhere" was released in 2001. The promotion of the album in U.S. was very poor. Fortunately the Asia and Europe promotion was successful especially for the hit Stranded (cover of a Plumb song). Finally the low sales of the album made her labels refuse releasing a second single. The last release of a Jennifer Paige album was in 2003 when Edel released "Flowers: The Jennifer Paige Hits Collection". After that, Jennifer Paige admitted that she wasn't in contract with Edel or Hollywood. Jen has been writing her 3rd album and we can't wait for the release of a new masterpiece!!

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Suburban House Hunters

When looking for real estate you have a lot of options in who you work with. Working as a team real estate agents have been able to provide better service and more specialized knowledge. This is exactly the reason why The Suburban House Hunters Team was formed.

With agents that specialize in working with buyers and others that deal with only listings it allows each customer to know that they are receiving the best service possible. Suburban House Hunters has agents that cover all of Chicago and the suburbs. Whether you are looking for a home in Algonquin or a condo in Chicago the Suburban House Hunters Team can handle your real estate needs.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Self cleaning Litter Box

Pets are a wonderful part of our lives. We consider them part of our family. It truly is our duty to take care of them like we would a child, or at least in a similar respect. While they can be an endless source of entertainment, pets can also be a big chore. If you have an indoor cat, then you know what I mean. The litter box can get overwhelming at times. No one wants their house smelling like a cat box. Luckily for cat owners, there is now the option of a self cleaning litter box. These sweet innovations should have come out long ago.
When I first spotted the self cleaning litter box, I thought it was pricey. I believe it had a 200 dollar price tag on it. It was in one of those catalogs that thrive on the newest of technology. Regardless of the cost, I thought it was cool. While growing up, my mother had a cat and unfortunately a litter box to go with it. Man, did that litter box stink up the house. There is always that dreaded chore of cleaning it on a daily basis. If you don't, you will soon regret it. My mother actually got to where she would empty out the waste, immediately after the cat would go. This can obviously become a redundant process. These days, my family has three indoor cats. Believe me, each one certainly adds some extra weight to the cleaning routine. Eventually my wife and I decided to purchase a self cleaning litter box. This was a choice we haven't regretted. After one of our felines uses the litter box, a mild alarm goes off to ensure they're out of the box, then a rake-like device sweeps any waste into a plastic compartment. This way, instead of scooping out all of the cat waste, you simply remove the plastic compartment and replace it with a new one. It's that easy. The benefit we enjoy most is the lack of stench. We no longer have to put up with that rank litter box odor.
The self cleaning litter box is especially handy if you travel and leave your cat at home. You don't have to worry yourself with the litter box filling up, because it takes care of the mess. Self cleaning litter boxes can be found at a variety of pet stores. It is good to check out the superstores such as Pets-Mart and Pet-Depot. Both of these stores offer a variety of products for your pets. In addition, it is helpful to browse online. This way you can find what you're looking for ahead of time and compare prices and reviews. The self cleaning litter box is well worth the cost if you have a cat or two.