Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Set Of Do's And Don't On The Internet

Do rescpect for other people’s time
While communicating with someone on the Internet or working witht someone online do take care about your companions time. Show him respect for his valuable time. Avoid to engage someone for too long as it might not be convenient for him.

Do take care of language being used in communication with other people
Show respect to other people on Internet. Today Internet has been widely used for communication between people. Email has become a widely used tool to communicate with other employees and coworkers within an organisation.

Do take care of language you are using while communicating with other people on the Internet. Be polite and show respect to others. One bad word amy hamper the repute or even degarde the progress of your company.

The Cases On Internet Freedom Of Speech

The freedom of speech is one vital issue among other social networking issues of the Internet. Among many topics regarding Internet Freedom of Speech, one conflicting and most dangerous is the Government Versus Citizens. Take the example of United States, the FBI has installed a system at many Internet Service Providers to spy on all incoming and outgoing emails.
The system was called Carnivore but later the name was changed to more innocent one DCS1000. The basic purpose of the systems was to keep a watchful eye on the internet users in order to find any illegal activities. This is clearly against the Fourth Amendment in the US constitution which forbids the government to spy on the citizens without any warrant.

Business Casual Attire For Men

Make a Business Attire with (Very) Casual Summer Jacket
Dress with ease this summer without forsaking the ‘formal’ dress code at your office. Wear a cotton sports jacket and combine it with a round-neck tee, pants, and a wrist watch. It works with nearly everything. Make the look more formal yet perfect-for-summers by combining it with a dress shirt and a tie. Loosen the tie to make it casual yet just-the-thing for the workplace.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Internet Cheats For Computer Games

Cheats on the internet for computer games

game cheatGet online; take a paper and pencil, jot down these amazing cheats for video games, and next time when you get stuck for a crazy test in motorbike Training School make a way out and proceed in the game for the real missions.

Here are some super-cool websites which can bring gaming cheats right at your computer’s monitor screen: