Sunday, October 11, 2009

Uk Travel Map is one of those sites that have the travel map of UK along with the travel maps of other cities of UK. This site has many sub categories of different places of UK. The main highlight of this country is London City. It is the capital city of UK and has many unique tourists’ spots. There is a lot to do in London and all over UK. If you closely look at the travel map of UK, Edinburgh and Glasgow lies in the north of the country. Plymouth is one of those cities that lie in the south. London is not centrally located but lies in the South East region of the country.

Tourists usually arrive on the Heathrow airport, London. From there they either hire cabs or take subways to travel to other cities that are located near London. Usually tourists prefer looking at a sample article of travel guide about London city and the locations close to it. The articles provide a brief guideline about the tourist’s spots and visiting places in London and UK. London is quite popular for its museums and historical places. The weather of entire UK is quite cold so it is recommended to tourists to have warm cloths like sweaters, coats, mufflers and gloves handy.