Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Aquaclear Contact Lens

Gone are the days when we had to stick to our big, dark-framed, nerdy glasses. Thanks to the tiny, glass discs called contact Lens! Contact lenses are the new ‘it’ eye wear and an addition to fashion makeover kits of many stylists as they can not only help you improve your eye sight problems but a well-chosen colored contact lens can give you a whole new look. Though the fashionistas all over the world are claiming dark, thick, square-shaped frames the ultimate fashion wear but admit it girls, no one would like to wear those nerdy glasses to a party. Yes, we agree that it’s always fun to wear a chic, bright colored frame on weekend get-togethers at the book club or at the summer beach party but it’s frightening to imagine even that someone’s wearing glasses with that oh-so-romantic, flaunting silk dress. Its’ a big, loud no!