Sunday, July 12, 2009

Online Diazepam Info And Source

The numbers they found where quite staggering and are listed below.Topping the list was 19 million people visiting doctors for phobia related anxiety disorders closely followed by 15 million people for social anxiety disorders. Both social and phobia disorders can be quite debilitating for the patient as fear tends to rule their lives on a daily basis. 6.8 million People reported generalized anxiety symptoms which doctors normally recognize by the patient simply worrying about everything in day to day life. 7.7 million people where shown to be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder which can often leave a patient with huge depression depending on the traumatic event. Accidents, loss of loved ones, financial disaster, war veterans are amongst people suffering from this. Finally 6 million people suffered actual direct panic or anxiety attacks. These normally leave the patient in a state of acute fear as they suffer from immediate shortness of breath and very high heart palpitations. Many people often end up in the emergency room with the onset of these rapid debilitating symptoms. This is why find anxiety and diazepam info was so important through this study. So as you can see from these numbers its easy to see why diazepam is still one of the most sought after drugs. Many long term sufferers often turn to the internet to fill their prescriptions. There can be several reasons why this occurs. Doctors often prescribe diazepam for short term reliefs of a lot of these conditions however are reluctant to keep prescribing diazepam over a longer period. Patients can be felt to feel like drug users when seeking repeat prescriptions.