Saturday, June 27, 2009

Health Insurance Fraud

If you want to be aware of health insurance scams then here are certain tips. Insurance agents sign up many people. They do pay premiums as long as they can. Some very minor medical claims like influenza medicines and vaccines do get paid but when the regulators catch them, they need to move to some other place. In the past days, the agents used to target a small group of people but now they have expanded their business on a larger level. These scams are particularly targeted to new retires and senior citizens. These companies do pay in the initial days of your insurance. For example there is a small injury or little headache or something like upset stomach etc. There many health issues that prevail in old aged citizens. These early premiums should be avoided as they are nothing but to a way to make you feel that your insurance is in safe hands. There are agents who don’t even know particulars about the policies of insurance and hence start selling it on phone.