Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wholesale Champagne Glasses

A party is never complete without drinks. Champagne is considered to be the queen of drinks which are served in parties. This is the reason why separate Champagne glasses are manufactured to serve different kind of Champagnes. Wholesale champagne glasses are meant for that purpose and their elegant look makes them look different than the day to day glasses that we see. While shopping for champagne glasses from any stores, you will come across a variety of types of cheap and wholesale champagne glasses which are stated as under.

Champagne Flute: A flute glass, just like its name, is tall narrow having a long stem. A Flute glass is the most commonly used champagne glass in parties. It is also referred as Tulip glass. Prices of champagne glasses of this kind may vary from manufacturer to other manufacturer. It also depends upon the quality of the glass that is used for the purpose of making champagne glass. For example solid crystal champagne glasses may cost a little more but if you buy them in bulk from wholesale stores.