Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Window Birdfeeders

Not everyone has a yard where they can place a birdfeeder. Yet this doesn’t mean they have to miss out on being able to do so. There are plenty of lightweight ones that you can apply right to your window. They are held in place with the use of powerful suction cups. They are very affordable and you can get them from most retail stores. Even people that live in apartments and college dorms can benefit from the use of this type of birdfeeder.

Make sure you hang them properly though so they won’t fall off the windows. You should look for those that have a tube or way to protect the birdseeds that are inside of it. This way they won’t all blow away if the wind should kick up. You want the drop down kind that will automatically refill the feeding dishes as the birds consume what is down there in them.

Some people just enjoy the ability to watch the birds enjoying the food while they observe from indoors. They may like to eat breakfast while the birds enjoy theirs outside of the kitchen window. Some people place them in their bedroom so they can wake up to the sound of the birds.

Even though window birdfeeders are smaller and more compact, there is still plenty of selection out there to choose from. Some of them are long vertically while others are long horizontally. Look at the different models so you can buy one you really like. Since you will see it each time you look out your window you want to make sure you will be happy with it.

Many children want to have a pet but they are plenty of work. You may live someplace where pets aren’t allowed. You may just feel that you don’t have the time or energy to properly care for them. The next best option though is to allow them to have outdoor pets in these birds. They can help you set up a window birdfeeder and then enjoy all of the birds that come to feed there.

Have some fun looking at the various types of window birdfeeders out there. You will be impressed with all that is offered to you. Window birdfeeders are a good way to offer the birds plenty of food in times when it is scarce too. They will remember the source and return again and again for it.